From the recording HERE I AM

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Music/Lyrics: Glenn Baker(© 2005

There’s an Awesome Anointing in this place
The glory of the Lord is on each face
As we lift the Name of Jesus and give Him all the praise
An Awesome Anointing fills this place.

The veil of the temple has been torn and opened wide
The presence of the Lord no longer hides
And the Voice that speaks from the mercy seat
Says, “Enter in my child. My Spirit needs a place to abide.”

In the Holy of Holies we find mercy, we find grace
No sin can ever enter here so we wear His righteousness
And the Law that would have judged us became Love for you and me
He inhabits the praises of the ones who’ve been set free

An Awesome Anointing, an Awesome Anointing
An Awesome Anointing fills this place.