From the recording LOVE's CALLIN'

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Lyrics/Music: Glenn Baker © 2001

There’s an Inner Sanctum Cleansing that comes by fire and trial
And God desires to bring us through the flame
Everyone who calls on Him longing for the fire within
Emerges whole and wearing Jesus’ Name

Submission is a painful thing; reflecting only what He brings;
Never really choosing your own way
It gives up and never takes, won’t run away but always waits
To feel the purging warmth of love’s illuminating grace

Embrace my soul in the burning arms of your purifying blaze
‘Til my heart’s desire is Yours alone and I fall upon my face
Consume me, Jesus! And burn away the part
That stands between my willingness and the rhythm of Your heart

“Not my will” is just a distant theme.
It’s a melody I seldom sing
O Mercy Wind, begin to breathe on me!
Rekindling the embers’ glow
O breath of God begin to blow
Cleanse the Inner Sanctum with Your all-consuming blaze!

Repeat Chorus