From the recording WAITING ON YOU

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Lyrics/Music: Glenn Baker (ASCAP) © 2001

When I start to think about the distance
And just how long He looked until He found me
My heart is over-whelmed; I have to let you know
For I had traveled far though I had not left home
Like Adam in the garden I was hiding
Covered what God meant to be exposed
I hid among the things that he had given
(The things He’d made for pleasure and for home)
He came searching

You see, we had spent some precious time together
When I wasn’t there He was all alone
So when I heard His voice that day it was deafening
Nothing like the sound that I had known
For His words were filled with longing desperation
As if He’d lost the only one His heart would ever know
And there I was, trembling in the shadows
Suddenly His steps were silent, He saw me down below
He found me!

He Loves Me So Much
He won’t let me go
He Loves Me So Much
That’s all I need to know

Then He called me softly by the name He gave
Though I was hidden all I felt was shame
And when I stood before Him I knew I was naked still
In His eyes were heartache and such pain
So I offered up excuses as He looked at me
He must’ve seen eternity, He saw through me
Though broken-hearted, yet He covered me

He must have seen eternity, not where I was,
But where I’d be! He must have seen eternity!