From the recording WAITING ON YOU

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(Holding) Nothing But Your Hand
Lyrics/Music: Glenn Baker (ASCAP) © 1999
And Marty Funderburk (ASCAP) © 1999

You called me to surrender and I gave you everything
At an altar of sacrifice I laid all the things I held so firmly in my hand and in my heart
I placed them on the fire and walked away
But through the years I looked back longing for the things I left for you
And questioned why I’m here with empty hands
Then I come back to my senses and I cry out once again
“Lord, I need to know, please help me understand.”

Chorus –
I’m holding nothing but your hand
And I’m trusting in the way you’ve made for me
Though at times I may not see
I know someday I’ll understand
Through the heartache and the pain you hold me still
And like a father, wait until I let go of all my plans
And I’m left holding nothing but your hand

I know that in my weakness a perfect strength is found
And an empty vessel waits but to be filled
So now that I hold nothing all I need is, more of you
‘Cause Lord, I want to do your perfect will
And when days of doubt and struggle overwhelm this fragile heart
And fear would take me back to barren lands
Hold me even tighter; draw me nearer Lord, I pray
And I’ll keep clinging to your faithful hand!

Repeat Chorus