From the recording HERE I AM

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Lyrics/Music: Glenn Baker © 2005

I don’t want to overstate my position
But I need to know right where I stand
I’ve been searching everywhere for the answers
Until the day I traced it in the lines of a nail-scarred hand

This Must Be The Way the blind man feels
When his heart begins to see that his fingertips are telling him
“There’s love in what you read.”
And this must be the way a deaf man hears
When the silence speaks loud and clear
Suddenly the sound is overwhelming as it whispers in his ear
This Must BeThe Way

I asked the Lord if He would do it over again.
Would He walk up Calvary’s mountain for me?
If I stood in the shadow of the cross today
Would it really cover me?
He said, “Child, I would do it over again but once it all it takes you see. So trust me when I say, you’re free!”

This Must Be The Way to victory
This Must Be The Way to liberty
This Must Be The Way to walk in heavenly places
This Must Be The Way He made for me!