From the recording HERE I AM

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Lyrics/Music: Glenn Baker © 2005

How do you hold on when your grip is getting looser
What do you do when it all starts slipping away
Can you really know when to let go
And, can time really heal
Will tomorrow ever come if you can’t face today

Well, you need to know that I’ve been there
And I’m here to tell about it
Though it’s a cliché, I know that this too shall pass
So if you’re determined and have some strong expectations
Hope will unveil the revelation of your plans

You’re gonna make it!
You’re getting stronger by the minute
You’re gonna make it!
You’re gaining ground
Just remember it’s one step, then another
And, it’s just around the corner
So, hold on to your faith. You’ll find your way.
You’re in the grip of His grace
And, you’re gonna make it!

One day you will look back and see that
It was worth the price you’re paying
And you’ll understand you had to be on your own
‘Cause even if you feel there’s no one to your left or your right
Just look one more time. ‘Cause you’re not alone!

For He is with you leading the way
He is the strength in your weakness all through the day
So if you’re looking for something then you need to see
He’s right there beside you and He’s all you need